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December 26, 2007


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Dan Keldsen

Michael - interesting fine slicing of usage. Cleaning out a spare room in the house this holiday, and found my dusty copy of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's book on Flow. Combine that with one of our Enterprise 2.0 advisors, Stowe Boyd, and his discussion of flow in social applications (also based on Mihaly's work), and I think we're on to something here. Your description of in or above the flow isn't quite the same as Mihaly's, but very close, and certainly similar underpinnings.

There are good reasons why you'd want (as an individual or as an organization) very tight integration, and loose or non-integrated (wish dis-integrated made sense here...) solutions. Sometimes stepping out of the system (or flow) is exactly what you want, and at other times, you want a portal/dashboard workspace, with all tools/systems/knowledge readily at hand.

These are all behaviors that have been seen before, just not quite so obvious and easily attained as in the Enterprise 2.0 or Web 2.0-enabled world. Or at least that's the hope, eh?


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Great article. I agree with you that most people wont use a wiki and see creating it or working on it as a less important part of their job. They can be very useful though when used correctly

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It's not at all hard to get people to use in-the-flow wikis.

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Wikis can be used for many different activities, which fall into two broad categories:

* In-the-Flow wikis enable people do their day-to-day work in the wiki itself. These wikis are typically replacing email, virtual team rooms, and project management systems.

* Above-the-Flow wikis invite users to step out of the daily flow of work and reflect, codify, and share something about what they do. These wikis are typically replacing knowledge management systems (or creating knowledge management systems for the first time).

I like this two categories, they are true and interesting!!

Juanita R. Mcniel


These kind of information flow is totally different compared with the 90's flow behavior.


I’m hoping that we’ll end up with a slew of prototyped ideas and a bunch of happy people. I’m sure there’ll be a lot more hard work until we can turn those embryonic proofs of concept into living

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