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December 22, 2007


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Mark Soper

Michael, I arrived at your blog through Andrew McAfee's and your anecdote about custom workspaces caught my eye, especially with regard to collaborative research. We're interested in flexible environments for investment analysts to work together on equity research, and hope for more discussion on this discovery (e.g. what characteristics led to the successes you saw) and on workspaces in general.

There's good insight for us in your posts - thanks for publishing.

Mark Soper
Alluvial Labs

Michael Idinopulos

Thanks for reading! Alluvial is in a really interesting space (but I'm not telling you anything you don't know.) I'm curious...what kind of behavioral and cultural norms are you seeing associated with equity research collaboration? My second-hand impression is that it's a highly proprietary, competitive environment even within firms, much less across them. Is that accurate, and how are you overcoming those cultural barriers?

Ed Erickson

Hello Michael,
I was also perusing McAfee's blog today and saw his mention of your blog and clicked thru. I like the title. Nice layout. That's one thing I like about Typepad blogs. The lines tend to be more elegant.

Beyond all that, I'm jazzed about your subject. Working for a naval command, we're slow in rolling anything out, but we'll be moving to WSS 3.0 shortly and perhaps MOSS 07 later this year. I'm really jazzed about that and what it will provide for increased collaboration.

We're a year into a new corporate university implementation for employee and leadership development. As the marketing & communication guy for our CU, I get to pilot our Sharepoint rollout out. So we'll be taking the learning organization mantra seriously. Helping the command see how *helpful* these tools can be. How we can practice Bit Literacy and ease the burdon on everyone from admin personnel to senior level execs -- and make work cool and (gasp!) fun.

Really looking forward to your thoughts.

David Hobbie


Thanks for starting your blog. I'm a knowledge worker at a major law firm (I work in Boston), and we're about to start rolling out access to wikis blogs etc. through Sharepoint 2007 like Ed Erickson.

From the description of your work at McKinsey, you have some very "early" experience with Enterprise 2.0 tools inside the firewall. I'm interested to hear more detail about the internal collaboration spaces, how they spread, did they start with "blank pages,", how did you measure or track their growth, and so forth. (Were the spaces tagged somehow?)

I look forward to following your blog.

David Hobbie

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