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April 24, 2008


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Barry O'Gorman

Interesting comments re use of Wiki in sales force teams. How has this development impacted use/ deployment of CRM in these types of organisations? In many cases seems to me that there are two ways things can go - wiki being complimentary to other applications such as CRM or replacing such applications. In some respects not different to use of wikis to support project management - potentially integrated with project management software or replacing project management software.

Michael Idinopulos

Barry, in very small organizations I've seen wikis used as a cheap and cheerful CRM system. But wikis are relatively limited as CRM systems. They aren't good at capturing field-level structure and automating workflow based on the values of those structures. The solution which I've seen used most effectively combines the two: CRM for structured customer data, a wiki for call notes, insights, observations, etc., and a thoughtful integration of the two.

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