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December 02, 2008


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Chris Rasmussen

awesome list with sage advice!

Dennis McDonald

Here's my own list of "success factors":

1. Set specific goals.
2. Have leadership support.
3. Focus on real problems.
4. Use simple technology.
5. Know your costs.
6. Be agile, open, and honest.
7. Change takes time.

Michael Idinopulos

Dennis, I like your success factors but I see them as general best practices for implementing enterprise software. I'm trying to identify best practices specific to the unique opportunities and challenges of social software.


Michael, next time I ask you about norms for our wiki, just remind me to read this post! Thanks.


Great points. I agree more with your concept.However, I think people will somehow know that you're just 'bribing' them. Not all can be bribed, you know.

Michael Idinopulos

Sayen, the goal is to deliver effective solutions to the information flow problems that people experience every day. Maybe I'm missing your point, but I don't see that as bribery.

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