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January 06, 2009


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Great post! I fully agree with your view about government agencies' increasing interest towards social media. FEMA, DHS, DoD and NIH are just a few agencies that have adopted social media. I am looking forward to see even more changes with the Obama administration.


It's not just the government - middle managers EVERYWHERE are lousy on pickup, and I suspect it's because they're overworked and stuck. As you rise within a bureaucracy, there's stronger and stronger incentives to do things the 'right' way, that is, the way they were when your boss had the job (often, he/she still is your boss, just higher up the chain) and the benefits to risk-taking are far less than the potential costs. Besides, unless social software seriously reduces work burden - and it can, if used properly - then why change?

Middle managers everywhere will not see this comment, as they will be too busy digging out from under a mountain of unread e-mails, memos, performance reviews, 1st quarter projections, 4th quarter reports, etc.

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