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May 22, 2009


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Mark Gould

You are right, Michael -- people consistently misunderstand what makes them (and others) behave in particular ways. Daniel Ariely covers this in his chapter on social norms in Predictably Irrational (http://www.predictablyirrational.com/?page_id=192).

Neil Richards gathered some real-world examples on his blog as well: http://www.knowledgethoughts.com/blog/?cat=31

Michael Idinopulos

Fine posts indeed, Mark. Thank you! Reading Daniel Ariely's post made me think of another way to frame my position: Successful contests run on spice, not on incentives.


Right to the point Michael,
With my current employer the whole community movement (with contests for software creation, papers and patterns) is sustained by people's engagement and very small material gifts sponsored by KM.
What we have seen work wonders is recognizing people on stage with the top management team.

Thanks for sharing those interesting experiment details.

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