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September 23, 2010


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Hi Michael,
thanks for the post.

I believe that adoption cannot and shouldn't be reduced to a matter of IT or even process integration.
While framing social software in the flow is a key strategy to connect the initiative to existing practices and business value, I think that our efforts shouldn't be finalized to adopting tools but to spread improved/more efficient ways of working.

If Enterprise 2.0 is at the end targeted to an effective change management, other than removing IT barriers, connecting to the intranet or better positioning the project, we need to overcome people connected barriers by focusing on their needs. This can be done first of all proving the personal and organization value that the project has, while actively involving employees in co-designing the solution. In a word empowering the workforce to make a difference in the future of the company. This often requires building trust, new leadership and management models, new incentivation systems, etc while the platform is simply an enabler of this quite deeper evolution.

Just my 2 cents,


Hi Michael, hi Emanuele,
I think the consideration of driving adoption through the integration of social tools in the flow of work could eventually help us achieve the cultural shifting and education needed "to empowering workforce to make a difference in the future of the company", don't it?
In workplace we find often resistance coming by people who aren't able to modify their working habits for integrating the social tools we put at their disposal because they can't see the real value of such tools.
So, I think it could be a potential win strategy to integrate tools in the day-by-day work processes to let people start using them and then build the cultural education and shiting needed.



I'm squarely in Michael's camp and am growing weary of the perspective reflected by Emanuele and many others.

Culture changes, value propositions, empowerment--it all sounds good until the rubber meets the road and people have to muddle through unusable, seemingly useless web sites that look and function like they were built in 2002 with no real way to provide a fertile ground for social connection.

Get the tool right and people can use it in a culture that embraces social sharing, collaboration, and everything else. But if it's left to people with their heads in the clouds that the tool & technology is secondary as long as the attitude & culture is there, I'm seeing it firsthand they're simply kidding themselves.

Nigel Danson

Great article - agree so much we the best adoption solution is to make it your intranet

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